I’m a designer and writer who makes
complex information more human.

Dating Profiles for Humans →

A conversational, step-by-step guide to writing a dating profile

  • Wrote clear, informative instructions while maintaining a conversational and relatable tone.
  • Crafted the copy, structure, and visual design to work together seamlessly.
  • Conducted user tests at various stages of development.

Experience Narratives →

Brand experience concept designed with Jack Rouse Associates

  • Spoke to the guest's perspective (rather than their corporate point of view).
  • Synthesized an abundance of research and information that had been collected.
  • Used information design to communicate the interdisciplinary design team's ideas. Forms included diagrams, text analysis, written outlines, and slide presentations. These facilitated more effective discussions during client meetings.

Letters from Mars →

Museum exhibit proposal

  • Transformed dense medieval texts into an engaging interactive experience. It uses science fiction to encourage visitors to look at historical artifacts using their imagination.
  • Structured the exhibit to guide the user through a learning experience: "Curiosity," "discovery," then "understanding."
  • Integrated techniques used by history educators.
  • Wrote the exhibit script.

More projects: